greenvale school

When The Greenvale School decided to build their new K-3 building they wanted to go with a radiant floor heating system. This allowed for comfort and by allowing each classroom to have its own thermostat to precisely control room temperatures. Designed by AKF engineers and installed by Spectrum Mechanical using Comfort Pex Radiant System with a Slant/Fin Modular Boiler System to maximize their return on investment.

greenvale school greenvale school greenvale school greenvale school
Figure 1. K-3 building included a radiant system for student comfort. Figure 2. Completed Pex tubing installation prior to pouring of cement floor. Figure 3. Typical manifold detail. (One of six locations that distribute heating throughout the building.) Figure 4. Injection piping maintains proper water temperature throughout radiant floor heating system.


bronx zoo

The Bronx Zoo installed a floor warming system in their new Siberian Tiger Exhibit. Athwal Associates, engineers chose the Comfort Pex System. Tubing was installed on 9" centers with the use of slab sensors not allowing the floor to drop below 38 F. The sensors were wired back to a tekmar control system that maintains precise temperatures in this area.

bronx zoo bronx zoo bronx zoo  
Figure 1. Siberian tiger on new easy-to-maintain and warmer flooring. Figure 2. "Mechanical Room" designed to efficiently heat four zones. Figure 3. Completed Pex tubing installation prior to pouring of cement floor.


Wythe Hotel

The Wythe Hotel, located in Brooklyn, New York, is a 120 year old factory that was converted into a modern, 72 suite hotel. Every room boasts radiant floor heating for the ultimate in guest comfort year round. The original “Brownstone” facade was retained to maintain the buidling’s aesthic and historical appeal.

Wythe Hotel Wythe Hotel Wythe Hotel Bar Wythe Hotel
Figure 1. Looking at this Brownstone,
a person would not suspect the com- fort of radiant heating technology in every room.
Figure 2. The $32 million Wythe Hotel is a grown up sanctuary on the Williamsburg waterfront featuring that warm Comfortpex charm in every room. Figure 3. The roof, offering King Kong skyline views, was topped off with a giant glass cube that lets onto an open-air bar. Figure 4. The rooms have walls of windows and floors of poured concrete that are heated from below using Comfortpex tubing (a treat for the little piggies).