Comfort Pex Radiant Heating - Creating a Home Environment that is Wonderfully Comfortable and Natural.
Radiant Floor Heating Systems invisibly create an environment that is comfortable, reliable, energy efficient, and economical. Warmth from your heated floor is radiated evenly to you and other objects in the room to create the coziest environment. The benefits of radiant heating have been known throughout the ages - the Romans used heated floors to heat large public baths and other buildings. Today, radiant heating is the most common system in Europe and many parts of Asia, as no other system can offer the same efficiency and comfort.

Comfort Pex Floor Systems deliver heat evenly and directly where it is needed most, at the floor level - targeting those "cold feet". It is an ideal heating system for hard to heat areas such as basements, or to take the chill off ceramic or hardwood floors. Imagine a warm cozy floor where your children can play without experiencing the chills and drafts that are associated with other types of heating systems.

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Comfort Pex Radiant Heating - Open Floor with Comfort Pex Installed